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360 Prayer is an arm of our global ministry of emotional and spiritual healing to individuals and communities under persecution

360 Prayer explainer



An intercessor is someone who “stands in the gap” for a person in need. We like to call them our “armour bearers.” Those with gifts of intercession play an essential role in strategic guidance, revelation, renewal, healing and protection for the Body of Christ. In Philippians 1:19 and 2 Corinthians 1:9-11, the Apostle Paul personally testifies to the power of intercession for his deliverance. 

Christian leaders in America are experiencing spiritual attack and emotional traumatic injury on a scale unseen in our lifetime. Yet we believe the Holy Spirit is raising up Christian entrepreneurs in America to play a key role in advancing the Kingdom of God around the world.


360 Prayer is designed as a mutually supportive relationship between American entrepreneurs and intercessors living in countries in crisis, persecution and war. Our research revealed that when entrepreneurial and intercessory people collaborate their insights, more effective decisions can be made, both for impacting nations for Christ and for seeing breakthroughs in business and personal lives.




Many of our intercessors cannot find consistent work because of persecution or social crisis and war in their country.  Project114 offers them some financial support to help put food on the table.

I am Allania from Pakistan. Our family prays for many hours a week for our entrepreneur partners. Our neighbour hates us because we are Christians. He found out that we have a church in our home. So one day he took a bulldozer and destroyed part of our house. Thankfully we were not at home at the time. We are very grateful because our partners helped us with some of the costs to rebuild our home. 

I am Pastor Daudi from Democratic Republic of Congo. We live in a violent area for Christians. I lost my job as a teacher because of my faith. We pray for three hours every day for our entrepreneur partners. We are excited to see what God is doing in the lives of our partners through prayer. There has been a long drought here. Many of us lost our crops and there are also constant electricity cuts. We thank God for the support from our partners that helps us in these hard times.



I engaged with 360 Prayer because I believe that Project 114 is a vision ordained of God to bless people, families and corporations. And it works two ways, blessing the giver and the receiver.  I have  met the leadership, who are sincere, hardworking, fully devoted Christian people in tune with the Holy Spirit.  Since our family has been covered in prayer from the intercessors, my husband and I have seen great breakthroughs, especially with our youngest son, who has been caught in Satan’s trap of isolation, depression, loneliness and addiction.

- Katy, Virginia 

I have been an entrepreneur in the financial industry for over 10 years.  The mission and vision of the business is based on stewardship and the recognition that the business belongs to God.  We have the privilege of shepherding what we have been made responsible for.  The opportunity to submit the company to the Lord’s guidance and provision through Project 114 and the intercessors has been transformational for the company.  God’s grace, mercy, love, generosity, and comfort have been tangible as a result of our collaboration with Project 114.

- John, Colorado


We would love to pray for you and with you. Please reach out to us if we can be of help… 

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