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Our anticipated budget of $275,000 for the next financial year will support Simon and Allison to continue investing their efforts full-time in the project and fund other operations.

In addition, the extra funding will aid us in delivering a strategic, cohesive and sustainable program that falls within our compliance framework as a Deductible Gift Recipient Charity.

To help give you an understanding of our ambitious target, our budget is as follows:


$25,000 will help pay a living wage for our in-country field workers delivering the Planted for Purpose courses to traumatised people - as we begin work in more countries.

$50,000 will cover leadership development and training of our current field workers and prepare new ones to deliver the material. We aim to train up regional leaders who can continue to provide the training in a reproducible way, freeing us to develop our courses and projects further.

$50,000 will help fund the costs of running the trauma support, which is being taken throughout our project countries to reach those often in isolated or difficult to reach areas.

$100,000 will cover the day-to-day living expenses both for Simon and Allison so that they can focus on further training and investing their time and energy into their people and projects. This amount will also support Allison to develop her Art Therapy Experience, which she hopes to pilot next year in Australia.

$25,000 will support us in developing our contextualised version of Planted for Purpose for Indigenous Australians and refugees here. Through your support, we pray we can employ someone of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage to help us with our wider projects, but especially, someone who could bridge the gap between our frontline work and the home-front - indigenous, refugee and displaced peoples in Australia.

$15,000 will help us engage consultants to help us meet our financial obligations in Australia and overseas and provide feedback on navigating the compliance requirements of being a Tax Deductible (DGR) charity.


Lastly, approximately $10,000 will be what we anticipate on general administrative costs of running the charity. This amount works out to about 3% of total expenses, something we are proud of having reduced to such a small percentage meaning more of your donation goes towards people in need.

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