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Chairman - Australia

Mark Hingston


I’m married to Liza, with four adult children and seven grandkids – now retired. I have worked in the international trade arena for most of my life, both in service and product delivery. This has led to living and working in the USA, UK and various states of Australia. I held a variety of senior management rolls throughout this time. Additionally, I was a partner in an Australian business and launched another company in the USA.

I have been actively involved in many leadership rolls from small business to large organisations and churches, serving on national boards as well as Chairman in one organisation for over a decade. My work and ministry life has resulted in me engaging comfortably with people cross culturally, both personally and in my leaderships rolls. The arena of mental heath care and trauma recovery is a much needed service. So, Project114 matched my heart on retirement -  Wanting to be a part of something that makes the biggest impact in my remaining years.

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