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Sri Lanka Ministry beginnings

The work in Sri Lanka began when I was invited to to teach a course on suffering and persecution at a conference in February 2019. I was supposed to still be in country on Easter Sunday, but returned earlier.

As we now know the Easter Sunday bombings in 2019 were some of the darkest days for the people of in Sri Lanka and one of the most devastating terrorist attacks.

The people of Sri Lanka have endured heartbreaking tragedies, with a twenty year civil war, ending in 2009, two tsunami's, ongoing flooding and a terrorist attack. There is a high degree of compounded trauma across the country.

Sri Lanka Trauma Care Response

On Easter Monday, Simon and Allison sprung into action, and began working with churches and NGO's in the country, by initiating a trauma care intiative.

Through research and on the ground relationships we are providing opportunities for organisations and churches to understand the impact of trauma.

We help school, university, ministry students and churches to understand a range of approaches in assessing levels of trauma. Equipping them with the tools to identify and help traumatised people learning how to build relationships and work toward reconciliation with and between affected people.


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