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Translations, Therapy & Tax

In this month’s newsletter

· Your Project 114 donations are now tax deductible!

· The Planted for Purpose trauma course is being TRANSLATED.

· Art workshops are coming.


Donations to Project One:fourteen are now tax deductible!

We have some very exciting news to share with you! Project114 has now been approved as fully tax deductible for donors. Our DGR status (Deductible Gift Recipient) is now complete! This has been an incredible answer to prayer. Not many Christian ministries are approved by the government for this service.

So, first, we would like to say thank you so much for standing with us in prayer for the Lord’s favour on this ministry. Thank you also for your financial support. Through your gifts, you have been the hands and feet of Christ to us as we strengthen Christians in persecution, war, crisis and COVID-19 to find healing and hope.

Second, this means that from September 1st, 2020, every donation received by Project114 INC over $2 is tax deductible for Australian residents. When you give, we will automatically issue you a tax invoice. You can then claim a full tax deduction when you submit your next tax return. If you no longer submit a tax return, please speak with your accountant.

Third, because of our DGR status, we now have a new bank account for all your gifts. For those of you giving monthly, please point your support to the new account also. See details below.


Project114 INC

BSB: 034077

ACC: 524932


Planted for Purpose on the Frontline - Helping the most vulnerable

We are working hard to get our Planted for Purpose trauma healing and recovery course translated into Sinhalese and Tamil in Sri Lanka, Hindi in India, Vietnamese and Arabic. We also have another two languages in the translation pipeline.

I have almost completed the leaders train course with three English speaking teams in Sri Lanka. I am starting the course with two more teams there next week. I have also just begun the course with 30 pastors in India, through a translator, meeting for two hours every Monday.

Planted for purpose on the Homefront

We are excited to announce that in November, we will be launching the Planted for Purpose trauma recover course here in Australia, both in person and online. Please keep an eye out for more info.

Allison is putting together an Art Therapy experience for course attendees. We will have more info about that real soon. You can see what she is doing and enquire about booking a workshop here.


Please Keeping Pray for us

The Ministry

Pray the Lord would bring the right people to our launch event on October 21, and that the Holy Spirit would connect us with those whose hearts he has prepared for partnership with this healing ministry.


The compassion of Christ for me as I listen to and try to help many people who are feeling abandoned and hopeless (Matthew 9:36). I need much energy, clarity of mind and patience as I train leaders and work across language barriers, both with those I am teaching but also with the translation teams.


Wisdom, creativity and insight for Allison as she works through the most practical approach to designing an Art Therapy experience for our course attendees. This is easier in person, but much harder to work through over webinar. Also, please pray for open doors and opportunities for Allison’s work to touch people’s hearts here in Australia (Exodus 31:3, Matthew 7:7-10).

Please let us know how we can pray for you and your loved ones….

Your brother and sister in Christ,

Simon & Allison

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