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What does Project114 mean?

Project114 is inspired by Philippians 1:14, and the work of Epaphras, the Apostle Paul’s helper.  In Philippians 1:14, Paul says, “Because of my chains, most of the brothers and sisters have found courage to share Jesus more boldly.” We work like Epaphras, "a human care package ministry." We bring support to the Frontline “Paul’s” living the Book of Acts today, and bring back messages of courage and hope to educate and strengthen Christians on the Homefront. 

Why focus on trauma recovery, reconciliation and resilience?

Helping people address mental traumatic injuries, equips them to begin cultivating and managing reconciliation in conflict and developing the resilience they need to keep facing uncertainty with courage and hope.

In what countries are you working? 

Our workshops are deployed throughout multiple countries in Eurasia, and South East Asia. If you would like to find out more about our projects, please contact us.

Are your resources available online? 

Many of the people who find courage and hope through our workshops live in remote places with limited to no internet access. Research has found that hurting people receive the most benefit from mental trauma care through in person gatherings.

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